The Pooram Festival

The main festival of Ameda temple is conducted during the "Meenam" month of Malayalam calendar,ie during the March-April period.The main festival will start at Ameda temple with "Kodiyettu" on Malayalam star "Makayeeram" and the other significant events are the ,Aayilya darshanam on "Aayilyam" ,Uthsava bali on "Makam" ,Valiya Vilakku or Pallivetta on "Pooram" and "Aarattu" on "Uthram" .The "Kodiyettu" and "Aarattu" will be performed by eldest member of Ameda mangalam family or by the "Vadakkan Puliyannur Namboodiri" who is the Thanthri of the Ameda temple. "Aarattu" will be performed in the Ameda temple pond in morning after the usha pooja and "Kodiyettu" will be performed in the temple in the evening.

"Aarattu" is performed on every morning during the festival time but the main "Aarattu" is performed during evening time. On "Aarattu" day, the 3 doors of the Sreekovil will be opened and there will be 5 poojas instead of 3 poojas.The 3 doors of Ameda temple Sreekovil will be opened only for 2 days in a year. One is on the 41st day of Guruthy pooja and next is on the "Aarattu" day of main festival on "Uthram" star. On the rest of the days, only 2 doors of the temple will be opened.

Aayilya Darsanam

Even though all Aayilaya Nakshatras are good for worshiping the serpents (Sarpaaradhana), the ones coming in the months Kanni, Thulam,Vrishchikam and Meenam (Malayalam Months) are the more sacred and important. In the English calendar, it is coming in the months of September, November and April .Besides the above 4 days, 'Pathamudayam' and 'Nagapanchami' are the other important days for worshiping. During these days a huge crowd of devotees assembled in the temple.