Ameda Mana History

The family reached Ameda about 600 years ago. The myth about the voyage of the Mangalam family for reaching Ameda and settling there is also an interesting one. The story starts with a Namboodiri family lived at a place named 'Vettam' in a village called 'Sukapura' which was situated at the North West parts of Kerala. In the course of time, the brothers of the family quarreled with each other resulting the elder brother and his family leaving the house. Through Tripangode, Thirunavaya, Guruvayoor, Vadakkunnathan, Triprayaar, Kodungaloor, Tripunithura, they reached Chottanikkara. After coming to know about the financial problems of the Brahmana, the 'Pallipurathu Namboodiri family' who managed Chottanikkara temple, gave a house for them to live.

During their course of stay at Chottanikkara, the family decided to go to Ameda temple to worship 'Sapthamathrukkal' for 12 days. For the first 11 days life was as usual as for any other devotee for the family at the temple. But on the night of the 11th day everything changed for the better for the poor Namboodiri family. Through the darkness of the night a thief entered the temple. After hearing some unusual sounds, the elder brother who was fast asleep near the temple woke up and went inside. To his surprise, he saw the 'Chamundi Devi' with sword in her hands. She asked him to chase the thief off with her sword. He got his hand injured during the fight with the thief. The pain of the injury did not deter him from keeping the sword in the 'Nilavara' after overpowering the thief (Till recent years the sword was in the 'Nilavara' for all to see).

On the night of the attempted theft, something else dramatic happened elsewhere. The Goddess came to the dreams of the 'Namboodiris' who managed the affairs of the temple till then, and was instructed upon to leave the management to the Mangalam Namboodiris. The Namboodiris acted accordingly and left the management of the temple to the Mangalam Namboodiris and since then the family came to be known as Ameda Mangalam. According to a 'Devaprashna' conducted about 20 years ago in the 'Thekkumpattu Illom' in the village of 'Sukapuram', it was found that the present 'Punnamana Narasimha Swamy Temple' was the old 'Vettathu Vishnu Temple' and the management and the ownership of the temple goes to Ameda Mangalam family. Since the 'Devaprashna' the temple has been owned and managed by the Ameda Mangalam family and 'Thekkumpattu Illom' jointly.