Common Instructions

  • Follow the instructions by temple staff, so that every can comfortably worship.
  • Do not enter the temple wearing shirt, banyan, pyjama, lungi, chapels etc.
  • Co-operate with the Temple officials, who are always ready to guide and help the devotees.
  • Do not take video camera, mobile phone, radio, tape recorder etc. inside the temple wall.
  • Do not spit in the temple premises.
  • Enter the temple with an absolute sense of devotion.
  • Take special care of your valuables.

Instructions for those coming for sarpabali

  • Booking for sarpabali needs to be done in advance. You can see the available dates and book it in the Vazhipadu booking menu.
  • All devotees who have booked for Sarpabali, should report at the vazipadu counter and intimate your presence.
  • Use the token from the counter to buy the following 1 Dhoti, 6 Betel leaves, 2 Arecanut.
  • Please offer the dhoti at the large Uruli kept at the mandapam.
  • After Deeparadhana, take part in the Sarpa puja at Naaga Yakshi shrine, collect prasadam offering Dakshina.
  • After Sarpapooja, take part in the Sarpabali at Naagaraja Shrine, collect prasadam offering dakshina.
  • Submit receipt at the counter to receive puja prasadam.
  • Annadhaanam will be there after Sarpabali.
  • NB: Only those devotees who have registered for Sarpabali will be allowed inside Nagaraja temple, please cooperate!